How can I "premiere" a video? (livestream a video file)

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible to premiere a video using Peertube, like YouTube’s premiere feature (see here - warning, google link).

From what I can tell Peertube doesn’t (yet?) have this functionality built in, at least not in such a simple manner (which is fine, I love framasoft for all they’ve already done). Please correct me if I’m wrong, or if a plugin exists to make this possible.

I am not an expert, but from what I can tell streaming a pre-recorded video file (e.g., any .mp4 file in my possesion) is totally possible with software like OBS or any other live streaming software, or (I think) even ffmpeg.

I’m hoping someone more experienced than me can give me some pointers.

Right now, since I have limited bandwidth where I live, my plan is to upload the video I want to premiere during a live stream in advance. I will upload the file onto a server with a fast internet connection.

After that, I will tell Peertube I want to initiate a livestream. I will take the RTMP link and key and provide it to ffmpeg on the server where the file I want to stream exists, using a command like:

ffmpeg -re 
      -pix_fmt yuvj420p 
      -x264-params keyint=48:min-keyint=48:scenecut=-1 
      -b:v 4500k 
      -b:a 128k 
      -ar 44100 
      -acodec aac 
      -vcodec libx264 
      -preset medium 
      -crf 28 
      -threads 4 
      -f flv 
      rtmp://[LIVE STREAM RTMP URL]

Note that I have no idea if the above command will work, it’s just an example (from this presumably helpful article). The point is, it looks like ffmpeg is capable of doing what I want to accomplish.

Anyway, I hope someone can let me know if I’m on the right path for this. Your advice is very much appreciated.