How do I change the language on localhost?

How do you guys change the language on localhost:3000? I tried but its not working for me
For example when I click french it goes to http://localhost:3000/fr-FR, but the interface language still is english. I just wanted to test if I broke something.

If you used «npm run build – --light», you will only have the english translation.
You have to use «npm run build». But it is very long.

After using «npm run build» what should I do?
I used «npm run dev», but the interface is still in english.

What are you trying to do?
If it is on localhost, I suppose that you try to develop something? If so, you will only have english.

It it is not for development, you should not do that. Peertube is a federated app, instances must be public, with a public domain name.

I’m trying to solve an issue and while working on it, I changed one of the template that uses i18n, and now, I need to now if the word is being translated properly.

I clearly don’t understand why you couldn’t change language in dev mode. It’s, in my point of view, quite strange.

Run npm run build -- --light-xx and replace xx with the locale. Then you should be able to go on the webinterface using http://localhost:9000/xx

Thank you! It worked.

Seems like it’s necessary to run npm run build -- --light-fr every time a change is made. And afterwards run npm run dev.

I think it would be great if this information was on contributing guide.