How do I edit the theme of the "Contact us" emails?

Hello! :slight_smile:
On the /about page, if one of our website visitors clicks on the « Contact us » button at the top of the page, and email gets sent to the site admin with a subject line that says:
[PeerTube] (contact form) Here is the subject text that the website visitor typed

#1 I would like to edit that « [PeerTube] (contact form) » text to: « My sitename contact form »

#2 In the body of the email, it includes an orange theme which I would like to change to red.
#3 the peertube logo is used, i would like my instance logo there instead.
#4. the email body says: « Cheers, PeerTube » and I’d like to edit that to « Cheers, My sitename »
#5 the bottom of the email says « PeerTube © 2015-2022 PeerTube Contributors » and I would like to delete that line of text completely.

Where in the db or peertube code do I edit those things?
Thanx :slight_smile:

Ok, I added this to our « Hive-Tube » plugin. Now, the « Contact us » emails that get sent to the site hosts and users are branded to your site theme. :slight_smile: