How live is live? Just had a >15min during a 1hr live

I just streamed and it went well, no technical glitch and as you can see the transcoding is already online.

That being said when I pressed « Stop streaming » on OBS I went back to check where the stream was, if it was slightly behind e.g. 15sec or not. I was quite surprised to notice it was not just a bit behind but minutes, at least 5min but I would say a lot more than that.

I didn’t have the time during the live session to check stats on the server but what could cause than and what can I do to have e.g. 15sec delay to allow for live chat?

I ran another test this time without OBS, just ffmpeg with my webcam while insuring the server wasn’t the issue (0.25 server load, no swapping or other weird on-going background tasks according to top).

What was strange was that the bit of delay was different on my desktop and mobile. Meaning on my mobile I had maybe 15seconds delay on live but on my desktop maybe 25sec. How is that possible?

I was able to check top during the event this time and … well yes clearly there is a performance issue. I’ll try again with a larger instance. Sadly this isn’t a scalable one so I’ll have to migrate first then try again.

You can try to disable the transcoding for lives.

But I still want to keep the video though. Is there a way to save still but transcode after?

There are two transcodings for lives: the one during the live, and the one after when you want to keep the video. I suggest you to try to disable the first one, on this page: /admin/config/edit-custom , tab «live streaming», checkbox «Transcoding enabled for live streams»

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Very nice, thank you for this clarification it makes perfect sense. Now my very modest server can indeed easily handle the load. I still plan to upgrade (once I figure out how to easily move the docker volumes) but for now this is great!

PS: shared back that option so that more people can be aware of it.