How to access PeerTube Instance Administration?

This maybe a silly question… I installed PeerTube on YunoHost on my server… for hours I can not seem to log in the PeerTube administration section does anyone have a clue how to do it? What are the steps and are there a any backend links that I missed? The instructions are not very clear and this is so discouraging! The site is

You are running a third-party package for YunoHost, please ask the packagers first for support:

Personally, something similar happened to me, I couldn’t enter peertube
It was because when one installs peertube, I send an email with the username and password to be able to enter these accommodations as YunoHost, many times the mail server does not work So you have to configure it I did it by configuring it with gmail since it does not work in a way local And that way I could recover the key to enter peertube
It would be good if peertube had a different way of being able to recover the password for login AND not sending them through email since most instances that are installed locally do not work email and this generates a big problem because the only way to be able to enter the administration It is with the mail that I sent peertube

In general, if one installs a local version on the computer and does not have a public IP, but wants to try pertube locally, he finds that email limitation that prevents the use of the platform if he does not find a way to retrieve that sent email.