How to allow only public videos upload?

Hi, there is a way to allow publish videos only in privacy status of public?

So i want to see all videos to prevent upload of strange materials!



No sorry not yet.

As an instance administrator, you can see unlisted videos on the «local» view : on top right there is a menu with a «Display unlisted and private videos» checkbox.

@Chocobozzz, I think it would be great to add a left menu entry for admins, that list only unlisted and private videos. When there are a lot of new videos, it is complicated to check for strange materials. Should I open a ticket for that? (or maybe there is already one?).

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How is a shortcut helping?

Not a shortcut, a view that list only these videos.

Ah I see - then yes, please check for existing issues first but do file one.

Done here: