How to clear a database

The disk where all the uploaded videos were stored was accidentally deleted. Unfortunately, it can’t be restored.
I connected a new clean disk and registered all the paths. Peertube started normally and created all the necessary directories. All right.
But the site displays empty frames of unavailable videos and avatars, as well as all logs, as well as empty frames from subscribers.
How do I clear all data in the database, but leave only users? I want to start over.

It is a pity that no one answers. I don’t feel like waiting a long time because the server is off- (

Just deleting the database is not a good solution: the federation will be broken.
Perhaps you can try to use the CLI to delete all videos with the correct API.

Or, if there are not many videos, delete them one by one with the user interface.

I have already done so. Only other users will have lost avatars and other log entries. I would like to clear it all.