How to create custom roles for users on Peertube?

Peertube’s default roles are: root, administrator, moderator, user

If we wish to create a custom role, how do we do that?

For example, in order for somebody to comment on a Peertube video, they must have a pubsub registered account. We might wish to want to enable people to comment, which a user could do, without additionally enabling them to upload videos, which an ordinary user would be able to do. We therefore might like to create a Commentor role, that would grant only the necessary permissions.

It is not possible (for now?) to add custom roles.
But, you can achieve your use case by setting user’s quota to 0: the user won’t be able to add videos, or to start lives. But he will be able to comment, subscribe, like, …

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Hey, that is a very clever workaround and will do what is needed!
Thank you for all the time you devote to Peertube and for using your talents to make it even better.

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