How to create my Peertube account from the instance I choosed?

Hello, I want to watch and to comment videos stored at Peertube.
The description how to create an account tells me that I first have to crate an account at one of the instances.
I choosed Visionontv and created an account there.
But I could not get to an account at Peertube from there.
Example: I look up the video here by wikihausen:

If I try to leave a comment or click the « Like ».button I get the message:
« you have to be connected to rate this video ».
If I try to login to this channel I get the message
###### Wenn Sie einen Account benötigen…

Diese Instanz erlaubt gegenwärtig keine Registrierung von Nutzern, aber Sie können eine andere Instanz für die Registrierung eines Accounts für den Upload von Videos hier finden.
Eine Übersicht verschiedener Instanzen finden Sie auf PeerTube instances | JoinPeerTube .

So it isn’t possible to login using my data from Visionontv.
On Visionontv I can’t find wikihausen videos to watch.

So who can tell me how to get into Peertube to login to the wikihausen server ?
thanks for help

You have to open the video on the instance were you have an account. To do so, you can for example copy/paste the url of the video in the search bar on your instance.

You can also comment or like a video from other fediverse application. Like Mastodon for example (again, you can copy/paste the url in the search bar).

Thanks. That worked.
Jochen from Germany