How to follow someone on Peertube?

Hello! I can find no button allowing me to follow someone…Is this a bug, or am I missing something? Thanks! :slight_smile:

It depends on who you want to follow and from where.

  1. As a PeerTube user, it is not possible for you to follow another PeerTube account for now.
  2. Do you have an account on Mastodon ? If so, as a Mastodon user, you can search for a PeerTube account on Mastodon (for example @account@peertube.instance) and follow it directly there !

If you have seen our crowdfunding campaign (, making 1) possible is a part of our “Stretch goal” for a PeerTube Deluxe v1

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Merci pour ta réponse Narf! :slight_smile:

Hello @omniviator,

I do things slightly differently as I want to have a single private place where I can see what new videos I missed.
When I want to subscribe to a channel, I click to the channel name.

When landing on the channel page, I click the RSS icon, and click on rss 2.0.

I then land on the RSS feed of the said channel. See as an example thinkerview’s RSS feed. I subscribe to that feed in my aggregator so I am kept posted when a new video is out :slight_smile:

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