How to host Jitsi and Peertube on the same machine

Hello, I am wondering How I can host jitsi and Peertube on the same instance my machine says port 80 is in use by another service (used by jitsi) can I change the ports used to allow both to co-exist?

It should not be a problem. Both Peertube and Jitsi use nginx. I have both on my server.

Unless you used docker for one of them? In that case, I don’t know how it works.

I used 1 machine, and I got an issue with journal -xe so I uninstalled it

What issue? What have you uninstalled? Please be more specific.

What is your OS? Which installation procedure did you follow for Peertube? For Jitsi? …

the jitsi installation has been there for months, I Just added peertube.

Ubuntu 20.04 Server