How to impose instance-default theme in anonymous user settings

In the root admin control panel, I installed the bittube-dark-mode theme, and in my instance’s production.yaml I set:

default: ‹ bittube-dark-mode ›

But when I visit the site as an anonymous user, the default Peertube light theme is shown. If I go to the Settings and open the Theme dropdown in the Interface settings, I can choose between ‹ instance default ›, ‹ peertube default › and ‹ bittube-dark-mode ›. But the default choice is ‹ peertube default ›.

How can I set the default setting to ‹ instance default › instead of ‹ peertube default ›, so that my site automatically loads with the dark theme when anonymous users visit?


It will be fixed in PeerTube 2.3