How to increase peertube video quality?

So lately I’m using peertube and I tried to upload the same video in 2 different platforms, of course setted up both in full screen and same resolution I noticed that peertube has less quality, the image looks more pixelated.

What could be a solution to fix this, how do I maintain original quality?



Do you have a link or these 2 videos?

You can change peertube transcoding options using plugins: PeerTube documentation

Hello, thanks for the reply! I will test first the link you added here and then update you if I have any problems! Thanks a lot

Hello @Chocobozzz so unfortunately I’m having issues still after updating peertube to last version, the quality of the videos are really low compared to many other video hosting websites, what I should check to actually have video in full quality? Thanks

Can you copy a link to these video so we can check? (as Chocobozzz asked in his message).

On the low quality instance, what are the available resolutions in the server configuration?
Did you upload the video again after updating peertube?
Did you wait long enough for the transcoding to finish?

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Hello Will reply you later I will check with the dev, for the videos please give me a way to share it privately if possible if you have an email or DM would be great.

If this could help:
transcoding Webtorrent and HLS are both enabled.
When I change the quality settings nothing happens, looks like quality stays the same.

DM is ok.

I can’t DM people here not sure how to do that, you can DM me?

I seem to have quite a similar problem: i recently enabled HLS additionally to webtorrent on my instance (currently on 3.3.0).
A newly uploaded videos was transcoded without a problem (original was 1080, server is set to 360 and 720). I also checked PostGres (and the streaming-playlists/hls + videos folder), the videos are all accounted for.
When playing the video the « stats for nerds » Resolution is stuck to 360p no matter what quality option i choose though. Tried on FireFox, Safari and Chrome.
here is a link to the video:

the video has been deleted in the meantime and reuploaded as webtorrent - just fyi