How to install Peertube V3.1.0 on Ubuntu 18.04

Hello everyone,

I already have opened a topic (more or less 2 weeks ago) concerning some issues after a migration (from Peertube V3 to V6). I received a lot of help, thanks by the way, it was very valuable.

Now, thanks to you, i should know how to perform a clean migration
(by following the changelog scripts).
To perform the migration, i’ll need to install Peertube V3.1.0 on my VM and lauch the upgrade scripts.

The main question which remains unsolved is:

On my Ubuntu Machine (18.04), i used this command to download the wanted version from the Framasoft Repository:

I already have unzip the Peertube archive on the right location but i am stuck now at the install step.
It is corresponding to this step on the Peertube V6 install:

sudo -u peertube ln -s versions/peertube-${VERSION} ./peertube-latest
cd ./peertube-latest && sudo -H -u peertube yarn install --production --pure-lockfile

Have you got please any ideas ?
Otherwise, is there any documentation ‹ still available online › which describes the
Peertube V3.1.0 install ?

Thank you, Best regards

You can maybe search on the Wayback Machine ( ? Just enter the URL of the site that you looking for (here the docs page) and show if there is old version for the V3.
If it doesn’t work, post a new message… but I have no other idea

Bests regards


How are you stuck?
Did you set the VERSION bash variable to v3.1.0?

This correspond to this step in the documentation:

VERSION=$(curl -s | grep tag_name | cut -d '"' -f 4) && echo "Latest Peertube version is $VERSION"

This command gets the latest version from the github repo.
In your case, just replace it by:


This set the VERSION var in your current shell, for the remaining of the session.