How to login for different instance

So I noticed each instance use like different URL, so when I tried to login to different instance it wouldn’t let me login. Is there a way to login for 1 instance, then switch to any instance you want with the same videos intact? Would hate to find an instance that looks better, but can’t do anything about it cause that someone wouldn’t want to lose years worth of videos.

I also heard that Fediverse is connected to each other. In that sense people can see PeerTube content in Mastodon I heard. How does that work? Can I link my Mastodon account to PeerTube account?

There are multiple ways to open a video from an instance A where you don’t have an account on an instance B where you have an account:

  • you can copy/paste the url of the video on B in the search bar on A
  • under the video on B, you can click in the comment field. It will open a popup asking for your account (your_login@instance_B). Then it will open the video on instance B.
  • same if you click on like
  • same if you click on «follow»

On your mastodon account, you can add the link to your Peertube account in your profile.

You can follow a peertube user or channel on mastodon, by searching its id (there is a button to copy it near user and channel names). The id looks like username@the_peertube_url.tld.

You can follow a whole instance by searching @peertube@the_peertube_url.tld.

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