How to report a terrorism/animal/child abuse website?

it has come to my attention that there is a website using peer tube called « » and they frequently host videos of children being beaten and multiple clips encouraging people to commit suicide or recruitment to join ISIS. how would one go about reporting this website to get it shut down? also, the website is frequented by known pedophiles. it makes me seethe with rage knowing there’s a community on peer tube that actively accepts animal and child abuse, this website has to be removed please help me.

Can’t you just report it to the police ?

You can indeed try to report to the police.

Also, using the whois command:


We can tell that the domain is handled by Cloudflare.
Searching for «abuse» in the whois response:

whois | grep -i abuse


Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4153197517

You can try to contact cloudflare with this email.

Doing the same for the IP:

# get the IPv4:
# this gives
whois | grep -i abuse
# gives:
# OrgAbuseHandle: DATAS1-ARIN
# OrgAbuseName:   DataShack Security
# OrgAbusePhone:  +1-816-389-5200 
# OrgAbuseEmail:
# OrgAbuseRef:
# OrgAbuseHandle: DATAS1-ARIN
# OrgAbuseName:   DataShack Security
# OrgAbusePhone:  +1-816-389-5200 
# OrgAbuseEmail:
# OrgAbuseRef:

You can also try to contact this organization.

For the record, in France, there is a governmental platform to report such websites: - Portail officiel de signalements de contenus illicites
As this site is not based in Europe, I don’t think it is the simplest/fastest way to block this site. Just giving the tips is someone else has a similar question.

go here:
click on « Report an instance » (in the top-right corner).

instance.joinpeertube is just a search engine for PeerTube instances. It doesn’t block the access to the instance, but just don’t index it on
Also, this instance is already blocked: PeerTube instances

You have to follow what @JohnLivingston said.

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Ho, thank you, I didn’t realise that sepiasearch index videos from the instances in :grinning:

The other day, I wanted to report a video shown on sepiasearch but can’t found any link to do it.