How to set up Emailer for email verification

I want to add « create an account » with email verification function to my site. But when I enabled email verification, it shows error message.

### Error

Emailer is disabled but you require signup email verification.

Where is emailer? I cannot find anything related with « emailer » in the documents, only this.

Thanks a lot.


I’ll rephrase this sentence. Emailer is enabled when you configure an SMTP connection:

Thanks for your reply.

I use the google email server. I have tested these SMTP (host, email account, password, port) settings. These settings can send out emails for verification.

But it still show the same error message.

Except that for gmail, it’s ssl not tls. I have tested, if I change to tls. It won’t work.

So how can I change the following settings?

tls: true # If you use StartTLS: false

Are there anything I need to fix on the above screenshot. Or is there more configs out there?

PS. When I searched for SMTP, I also found this in Docs. I also included it here, just in case, others may find this helpful.

Check your PeerTube logs, I think peertube fails to create the connection to google