How to update youtube-dl? | Question/Support

If I understand properly PeerTube utilizes youtube-dl to download HTTP videos. [1]
However, older versions of youtube-dl don’t work properly with certain sites like SoundCloud. [2]

It appears that they current fix is to compile it from source.
However, I do not see youtube-dl being installed or a local directory within PeerTube.

How would one upgrade the video extractor/downloaded for PeerTube?

youtube-dl is regularly upgraded by peertube and installed in peertube-latest/node_modules/youtube-dl/bin

@Chocobozzz Is it safe/possible to git clone peertube-latest/node_modules/youtube-dl/bin in youtube-dl/bin?

The node_modules folder is handled by npm during the installation process. You can’t do that.
If you want to force the youtube-dl update, you should use yarn to update dependencies in the peertube-latest folder. But, as chocobozzz said, youtube-dl is updated daily by peertube. You can check the current version with:

/var/www/peertube/peertube-latest/node_modules/youtube-dl/bin/youtube-dl --version