How to use a CDN with peertube (Without S3)?

I kind of have a unique situation. I don’t have a problem regarding storage, I’m using Frantech/BuyVM since that’s what people have recommended me to use. It has dirt cheap block storage and unlimited bandwidth, which ticks a lot of requirement for running a Peertube instance.

Cheap storage, check.
Unlimited bandwidth… check.

I have only one problem left in the bucket list. My videos are really slow to view, probably because the server is far away from where I am.

if that’s the case, I just need a CDN to distribute videos across other regions. Is there a way to set this up?

(I’ve tried reading the documentation, but there isn’t any guide on how to do this. I think you can set up CDN with S3 but I don’t know if it works with just setting up a CDN. so I tried putting in the CDN link and restart Peertube but nothing works as expected.)

Just read your post now. Are you still with BuyVM. If you do, how will you rate their service. Have you been able to solve the slow loading issue?