How to use a CDN with peertube (Without S3)?

I kind of have a unique situation. I don’t have a problem regarding storage, I’m using Frantech/BuyVM since that’s what people have recommended me to use. It has dirt cheap block storage and unlimited bandwidth, which ticks a lot of requirement for running a Peertube instance.

Cheap storage, check.
Unlimited bandwidth… check.

I have only one problem left in the bucket list. My videos are really slow to view, probably because the server is far away from where I am.

if that’s the case, I just need a CDN to distribute videos across other regions. Is there a way to set this up?

(I’ve tried reading the documentation, but there isn’t any guide on how to do this. I think you can set up CDN with S3 but I don’t know if it works with just setting up a CDN. so I tried putting in the CDN link and restart Peertube but nothing works as expected.)