I have no idea how to get access to my charities peer tube account

Hey all

My name is Jess and I am the Operations and Marketing manager for a charity called SHARE:Frome. We are a library of things. We have a peer tube account with some vital instruction videos on it that appear in our online catalogue to help our users understand how to use our products when they borrow them. The peer tube instance address our videos was on was peertube.org. This instance has disappeared and all the videos have disappeared from our website. I have no idea how to get access to our account to attach those videos to a different instance and can’t find contact details for any kind of support. Please can somebody help me as we have lots a lot of video data and are currently unable to provide important help to our customers.

Thank you so much to anybody that can help. Jess

Hi Jess, who was technically administrating the PeerTube you relied on?