Import video library from local path

Is there a way to import a whole video library from a path accessible to the server?
I’d like to import all the content of /mnt/mylibrary and subdirectories.

Right now, I’m manually importing one by one using the web interface. I even was thinking of using the synchronization , if I know which format to use with a custom web server that shows my directory as sort of youtube channel or playlist to the instance :innocent:

I tried a test sync and I see the video is imported as « public » on the channel I did set up, is it possible to also set up which privacy to give to imported videos? I prefer to review my videos before making them public, when importing en masse.


I think you can use a bash for loop and upload videos using CLI tools guide | PeerTube documentation :slight_smile:

Thank you! Will check that :+1:

That may work, but just to be sure: that will actually copy the files, so you’ll have them two times on the storage?

Isn’t there another way to save some space? To just add a path to PeerTube entirely?

it import the file so i have two copies after.
I delete the source files after the successful import

As a side note, PeerTube 6.1 can also store the original file so you don’t need to keep the source file you upload anymore: PeerTube 6.1 is out! | JoinPeerTube