Important -Uploading Facebook Live Video Issue?

I uploaded a copied video from Facebook live of MY Material onto Youtube. Facebook now has assumed copyright of any facebook live videos for the last 3 or 4 months approximately. So when I uploaded it to youtube it said that it was a copyright infringement (even though it is my work !). They then shut down my ability to copy videos with a 3rd party video copier. I want to know that if I manage to find something that will copy my video’s from facebook and then upload MY Video Material onto PeerTube, will it be considered a copyright infringement if it is copied from my Facebook Live videos because facebook now claims copyright on MY Personally made Facebook LIve Videos? Will Peertube take them down? Will Peertube detect all Facebook live videos as possible copyright infringement? Thank you.


PeerTube does not include automatic tools for copyright infringement. Admins have to check copyrights manually.