Impossible to install the PeerTube

A few months ago I installed peertube without problems, it took two or three attempts and it worked.
I decided to reinstall it from scratch, and now it is simply impossible.
I get the following message:

I’ve tried 10 times from scratch and with the operating system reinstalled, and it doesn’t work, I get the same message.
I have tried with ubuntu server and nothing, I have tried with DEBIAN and the same thing, I am a little desperate…
Has anything changed recently?
Does the same thing happen to anyone?
Thank you.

my instance is:

I dunno, i am usualy upgrading my instance i didn’t do any install from scratch for long time.

Unit peertube.service not found seems really to indicate that something is missing in systemd configuration.
At least it should fail.

Do you have a file peertube.service withn /etc/systemd/system ?
What does it contains ?

a sample can be found within var/www/peertube/versions/peertube-v2.0.0/support/systemd/peertube.service ( yep i din’t yet installed latest v2.1.0 ).

The following message appears during the installation of version 2.1.0

peertube service code uses nodejs and then require a recent version of it.
Here it seems that nothing is installed at all, because install fails early.

What version of ubuntu/debian are you using ?
What does nodejs --version returns ?

failure just indicates you should install a recent nodejs version > 10, like v10.15.2
this should come with recent linux distribution. Once nodejs version is ok install should complete.

I’ve tried it with Node.js v13.x: and it tells me that it has to be inferior, and then I’ve tried it with Node.js v12.x: it “compiles” it but it still comes out with the same problem at the end…

Failed to restart peertube.service: Unit peertube.service not found.

I follow the steps and nothing…

Well, I finally got it, as you indicated, the problem was the NO systemd configuration.

I had simply skipped that step in all installations.

a problem of stupidity on my part.

Now it WORKS

Thank you very much for your patience

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happy to have been a little help for this happy end.

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