* in link in video description is removed

I wonder if this is the right place to have this discussion. I did not find a place to report issues.

My problem is that I have a link with a * inside and when it is rendered, the * is removed.

markdown: https://inkscape.org/*membership/blog/june-ai-extension-2023/`
website:  https://inkscape.org/membership/blog/june-ai-extension-2023/

Video page: Pictures (Raster Graphics) - Progress on Import from Adobe Illustrator into Inkscape - June 2023 - Diode Zone
Peertube version: 5.2.0



Issue 1

When I paste a link in the form of [name](url) into a video description, the url has the * removed in the resulting rendered markdown, leading to the wrong page.

Issue 2

When I paste a url in the description of a video, the content of the url has the * removed but the link href includes the *.

Is this the right place to discuss this?


Thanks for the message! It should be fixed by Correctly truncate HTML · Chocobozzz/PeerTube@c5f8dc0 · GitHub (included in next release)