Increase video processing speed

Hello everybody!
I want to increase the speed of video uploading to the server and the speed of video processing, but for this I want to understand how to use hard drives correctly and where it is better to place directories.

At the moment I have 2 HDDs, each disk has a size of 3TB, ZFS Mirror file system. There is also a 1TB SSD that I want to use for temporary file storage.

The entire « storage » folder resides on a large RAID with a total size of 3TB (because it is a mirror). The read and write speed does not suit me, video processing is slow.

I want to transfer some directories to the SSD, so I need your help to figure out which directories I can transfer to the SSD? And will it help to increase the speed of transcoding?
For example, while video is being processed, it will be in a temporary directory on the SSD, and after processing it will be moved to another directory, which is located on a regular HDD.


Putting tmp on your SSD should help: PeerTube/production.yaml.example at develop · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub

But I don’t want to store all files on the SSD, I only want to use it for temporary directories while the video is being processed.

tmp: '/var/www/peertube/storage/tmp/'

This directory will store the video BEFORE processing it, and I need it to be on the SSD during processing.

I have now checked where the files will be located during processing at different stages. Now I understand how it works …

When the file is downloaded, it is located in the folder


Optimization of the file starts immediately after the download, at this time the file is located in the folder


After optimization, transcoding begins into different permissions, which are activated by the administrator, at this time the file is moved to the folder


and is in this directory until the end of transcoding.
And at the very end, the file is moved to the main directory


So I can confidently correct the path for the tmp directory in the configuration file-) Thank you!

Maybe you need to correct the description of this directory? Indicate that the directory is used during processing, not before processing.

I added that note