Info about video upload size, resolution, etc limits of peertube instances

where can i find information about video of peertube instances

  • minimum and maximum resolution size
  • maximum file size - uploads
  • maximum storage (ex: 1gb or 2gb)
  • post character limit
  • markdown or text support of post


You can use the REST API to get informations about the instance config.

All API endpoints can be found in the documentation: PeerTube REST API documentation

The endpoint which interests us here is this one: PeerTube REST API documentation

You’ll find there enabled resolutions.

Exemple of usage:

Unfortunately, I don’t think endpoints exist for other informations you are looking for.

@Booteille wow… it is wonderful. half of the issue is resolved. now i have to find docs in plain language about various terms used in config file.

ex: max size: 20971520 bits or bytes or kilobytes on