Insert HTML Code on Pages?

Hi guys,

Newbie here.

Was wondering if there was a way to a an html snippet to each page. I come from a wordpress back ground so am not too familiar with how it works here.

Any advice appreciated.




You can try using some JavaScript but it would be a little bit hacky. PeerTube is not a CMS like Wordpress :slight_smile:

I have been trying to figure out this whole morning how to insert/embed HTML code in pages.

It looks to me PeerTube developers have yet to consider this need.
And I went on… But I was wrong. So I’m deleting the useless part of this post. Sorry!

I’m sorry I rushed with my post just above.

I found something:

And here is where, at a quick glance, some things are happening:

I’ll study all those links I gave above.

Embed/insert HTML code in your pages can be done with PeerTube.
See also:

which points to relatively recent changes.
For hosters there is:
It is workable and this means decentralization is more and more achievable.