Install quite a few themes, but nothings changed

I have followed the instructions below:

Open a browser and go to your instance homepage. 
- Login as root (or your administrator user).
- Go to Administration panel from left menu.
- On navigation bar (top), click on 'Plugins/Themes'.
- A bit below, click on 'Search' button (next to 'Installed' button).
- Below this, click on 'Themes' button.
- In the searchbox below, you can type the name of the Theme to easy find it.
- Choose your Theme and click Install (cloud icon).
- Before see the changes, you will need to hard reload your browser.

And installed quite a few theme. I have just kept one theme each time(uninstall one then installed another) . But there not a slight change in my site.

However, when I used Administration > Configuration > Advanced configuration.

The following CSS does make a difference:

body#custom-css {
  --mainColor: #E8252D;

When I use find . - name assets to see check /var/www/peertube folder, it returns with the following result:

find: ‘-’: No such file or directory
find: ‘name’: No such file or directory
find: ‘assets’: No such file or directory

I want to install this theme:peertube-theme-bittube-light-mode - npm

Will someone please help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

I can’t help you about peertube, but you have a mistake in your find syntax, the right way should be :

find . -name assets

With the - concatenate to the name

Thanks very much.


I have found these, and for now, I have installed pirate-stoertebeker theme, but my site doesn’t have any trace of installed this theme.


Does any of the above information seems, right?

Once you installed some themes, each user has to select the theme he wants.

For anonymous users, they have to click on the «parameters» button, then choose a theme in the popup:

For the connected users, the theme choice is in the user preference page.

As instance admin, you can also choose the default theme in your instance parameters.

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Thanks very much for your help. I did not see that in the or maybe I missed it.

I can see the themes in the theme options now.

Actually, I wish to customize the sidebar like the following screenshot. I thought by installing the theme will do the trick. It doesn’t do you have any idea, how to do that?

If you search « menu » in the plugin search form, there are some results to add/customize the menu. I did not test them, maybe someone else has more feedbacks.

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Thanks very much @JohnLivingston