Instance follow playlist from another instance

Is it possible to follow a playlist from another instance ?

I see I can do it for a channel, but not for a playlist.
A channel would be ok if I could set it as « unlisted » in my instance.

What I’m trying to achieve is :

  • have my videos organized on my instance with specific playlists and channels ;

  • have a few other specific channels or playlists that are invisible on my instance, and are only used to « share » video with other instances (the « collections » of videos will be different from the one created with the channel/playlist of my instance, so I can’t just share this « local » one.)

I hope this is clear :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.


No sorry you can’t follow a playlist

Hi Chocobozzz,

Thanks for your quick answer.

Do you think it could be implemented in a futur version ? (or according to you, this is’nt possible for other reasons in the way of the « folowing process » works ?)

Or do you think that the goal I’m trying to achieve would be possible with a plugin ?

Because I have think a little more about using channels, and it isn’t a solution because I can’t add the same video to multiple channels (and as already mentionned, I can’t set the channel visibility).

Best regards, Eric.


I suggested in this topic to follow videos with a specific tag or category.

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