Instance wide broadcast on Peertube - e.g. "standby for reboot"

Sometimes the Peertube admin may wish to alert users of the instance that some work is in progress, for example, some testing or heavy load. Is there a means to notify users about a forthcoming or current status change?

Could the Peertube broadcast tool be used for this, for example, with a custom message? Or is there an alternative?


Yes you can use the « broadcast message » for such use case

Thanks. What is the workflow for that?

For example, there seem to be three default Broadcast Messages:

  • Information
  • Warning
  • Error

It would be nice to be able to save a different broadcast message for each of these.
It would also be nice to have a button on something to click and fire the Broadcast Message alert.

Anyway, what is the current procedure to initiate the alert?

The broadcast message is displayed at the top of all user’s window:

The message level changes the background color (blue, yellow, red)
The « Allow users to dismiss the broadcast message » adds a button on the top right of the message, so that users can hide the message when they have read it.

Please note that the message is not pushed on already opened browsers. It will only be visible if you refresh the page.
It is not meant to be a realtime messaging system.

Would an instance wide real-time message be of much use for admin? I think it might be, though others may find it a distraction/superfluous.