Instances redundancy for Unlisted Video

Dear All

From the FAQ I get this :

Bandwidth: can be mitigated using PeerTube redundancy system and cache servers that serve video static files in front of your PeerTube instance

How if my all videos are « Unlisted » status? Will the Instances redundancy settings work for the « unlisted » video status ?

Thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile:


Unfortunately no: redundancy only works with public videos

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thank you very much for your answer Chocobozz :heart_eyes:

bro Chocobozzz. could you add this instances redundancy feature for the « Unlisted Video » too beside the published one ? Maybe for the next update :pray:

I am sure many PeerTube’s user will love this.

Thanks again bro for this amazing PeerTube …awesome :+1: