Instruction Block for Livestreams

Is there a way to have a secondary block of information for repeat livestream videos? As it is, each livestream recording has the same block of information each time a new livestream is saved and posted. I would like to include livestream specific instructions on the livestream page itself–things like participation policies, language policies, link policies, etc, that I don’t need/want included when the recording is posted.

I have tried putting the instructions as a comment on the livestream page itself, but each new additional comment moves those policies downward. I need a place to put my chat rules that isn’t going to require me going into each individual livestream recording and deleting it manually every time I livestream. It would be nice to preload an episode card thumbnail and title as well…


I’m sorry but it’s not possible yet. Can you create a feature request on github? Issues · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub