iOS, Edge and Linux Problem


i’m trying my hand at peertube and had to find out that some of my uploaded videos don’t work with iOS/Safare, Microsoft Edge or Linux.

But the original Peertube instance plays the videos.

My TestVideo

Peetube instance

What could be the reason for this?


If I disable HLS, it works on the Edge now.

But it does not work is to display a video on iOS using iFrame. There is only the thumbnail and it doesn’t play.

Try with the latest Edge version (80).

What is your iOS version? Because I can’t reproduce with ios13.

What is your edge version?

Then I don’t think it’s a peertube issue

I tried the old Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0 which was already installed on Windows 10. The new Microsoft Edge 81.0.416.53 here the HLS Video are playable.

I think it is the bug I reported here:
It seems microsoft will take several month to migrate Edge. I think we should try to make peertube compatible with edge 40+.