Is it possible to backup account and/or move to another instance?

Hi there.

Is there any way to make a backup of one’s account on a PeerTube instance (including videos, descriptions & comments), so that if that instance goes offline, or if the instance’s Terms of Service change and your account now violates them, it is easy for the account owner to migrate everything onto a different PeerTube instance?

It kind of seems to me that without an easy way for content creators to migrate, if all the power is in the hands of the “host” so to speak, things could be just as risky and frustrating for video creators as on Youtube.

After all, the problem with Youtube isn’t so much that one can get banned, the problem is that moving one’s entire channel somewhere else can take many days of boring repetitive work, and the more videos you’ve done, the longer it takes, to the point where it becomes easier to just say “fine, I’ll let them censor me however they like” or “if I move I might just have to do it all again, maybe I should just stop making videos altogether”.

An easy backup & move option would finally and decisively put a lot of power into the hands of video creators rather than hosts.

Thank you.

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No sorry it’s not possible yet. We agree this would be a very useful feature, but very difficult to implement. See

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Same for me and very painful after 2 moving closing instances, this is essential feature I think. When changing instance all web links are moving too …