Is it possible to filter a search to exclude a channel

Hi folks - I’m aware that sepia has a neat search tool, Sepiasearch.

However, when carrying out a search, I realised that some results linked to a channel on an instance that was down. Is there a way to filter out searches, instead of filtering a search to only include results from a specific channel?

Here’s what I see in sepia search:

I’ve tried a few variants of common search syntax like « -ThatChannel » to remove say… ThatChannel from results, but I’m not having much luck - is there a syntax I should be using, or would I need to open an issue on the underlying codebase?

I’m aware of this result here that suggests creating an issue, but it looks like it’s from 2019:

Before I filed an issue, it seemed worth asking here first.



Unfortunately it’s not possible: what is the channel?