Is the FramaSoft Liberapay account legit?

Bonne soirée,

I was about to donate to FramaSoft using regular means but then I noticed there’s a Framasoft Liberapay account. It was created 6 years ago and has 0 patrons.
I want to keep most of my donation activity to one place, that is Liberapay.
If the liberapay account is legitimate, and the effect for Framasoft and myself is the same whether I donate using regular means or their liberapay, I prefer liberapay.

So, is it legitimate?


ah, found the answer I was looking for :slight_smile:

Alternative donations: can I make a donation in Bitcoin or via Lilo, Flattr, Tipeee, Benevity etc…?

These kinds of initiatives may be honorable, but for our association… it leads to an excessive accounting workload (numerous entries, checks, etc.) which in fact translates into additional costs (of )employee time and/or accounting expertise).

Our experience lead us to think that the sums that we would get from those kind of donations would not suffice to cover the additional expenses incurred by the extra accounting work.

That’s why we prefer to hold on to the donation system we propose, which has the added advantage of be able to offer a tax deduction (at least to French taxpayers).

Glad you found the answer yourself!

I’ve added a small note in the description of our Liberapay profile pointing to that FAQ entry.