Is there a way to change the logo on my instance?

I’d like to change the PeerTube logo on my instance to another logo image. Is that possible?

Hi. There is such a possibility in the Peer Tube configuration file. It is a pity that this is not written in the documentation.

  # Overridable client files in client/dist/assets/images:
  # - logo.svg
  # - favicon.png
  # - default-playlist.jpg
  # - default-avatar-account.png
  # - default-avatar-video-channel.png
  # - and icons/*.png (PWA)
  # Could contain for example assets/images/favicon.png
  # If the file exists, peertube will serve it
  # If not, peertube will fallback to the default file
  client_overrides: '/var/www/peertube/storage/client-overrides/'

Documentation is also community driven, so feel free to open a MR to add a section on PeerTube documentation :slight_smile: