Is there a way to get rss feeds from a playlist? has a thing called ‹ TILvids video of the day › . A video is selected by the admin and the link is posted to ,lemmy, etc.

Now is there a way that the same video of the day can be displayed on the home page of tilvids. I thought about it and I couldn’t really get my head around how to accomplish this.

The idea that I now have is to recommend the admin to create a playlist titled « video of the day » and then use an RSS feed from it. Whenever the playlist updates daily, a notification will be received. The playlist will be added to the ‹ Home › section of the instance using a miniature element or something.

But I don’t see such an RSS feed option for a playlist.

Any solution to this problem?

Note: I am not the admin of tilvids, this is just a question I have