Just blocked 3 instances due to comment spam


everything is well on my PeerTube instance. I’m slowly but surely cloning all videos I have from other platforms. Mostly talks I gave during conferences that I thus own partial right to and want to aggregate in 1 place I control.

Anyway during this process I received just this week about a dozen comments that were sadly all spam.

I flagged them, deleted them but more keeps on coming.

Consequently I muted kraut.zone , video.antopie.org and video.chalec.org .

I’m not sure if administrators of these instances are aware of the problem so for now, I prefer to block. It’s sad but of course as PeerTube gets more popular, the chance of spam to surface gets higher.

This also make me wonder, as (ironically enough) kraut.zone provides an API on the index https://index.kraut.zone if there is any collaborative spam blocklist that I could rely on to add instances that somehow end up being abused.


See also the existing effort in that direction Lists for plugin-auto-block-videos & plugin-auto-mute