K3s volumeMounts

I would like to install Peertube on a k3s server.

The « volumeMounts » is mounted, but is empty.

    - name: daten
      mountPath: /data
    - name: config
      mountPath: /config
    - name: daten
        claimName: nfs-peertube-daten
    - name: config
        claimName: nfs-peertube-config

The Pod is installing Peertube in the « wrong » place (/home/peertube_user/PeerTube

Are you using the official container image? Here is its default config: PeerTube/support/docker/production/config/production.yaml at develop · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub

I’m using it without setting the path explicitly. I guess you overwrite this somewhere.

Peertube on k3s now working!

  • Images
    working: chocobozzz/peertube:production-bookworm
    working: postgres:13-alpine
    not working: chocobozzz/peertube
    not working: postgres

  • production.yaml
    Do not miss any part of it. Just edit it. Put it in /config before start pods.

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