Keycloak and logout

Hi everyone,

I setup Mobilizon to use Keycloak authentication. The login works just fine but the logout not so much. When I logout, I can login again simply by clicking on the Keycloak icon (no password needed) on the Mobilizon login page. To have the expected behavior, I have to « sign out » the session associated to Mobilizon on the Keycloak interface.

I am new to both software so I don’t know what information would be useful do debug this.

I basically followed what is written in the doc [1] and more particularly, the specific example given for Keycloak. On the Keycloak side, appart from the callback url, I changed nothing. As said before, the login part works just fine.

I use the Mobilizon v1.0.6 and Keycloak v12.0.2 (standalone mode) on FreeBSD (in case it matters).