Langue Anglaise Instance Suisse

Veuillez excuser mon envoi en Anglais.

I am from a legal observer group in the UK that is looking for a Mobilizon instance that is hosted in Switzerland (i.e. beyond UK and EU jurisdiction) that is suitable for English speaking users.

Can anyone direct me toward a suitable instance?



Using the (and scrolling to the right side of the table you can view the country of the instance server¹). From what I can see there’s currently only one instance that looks hosted in Switzerland with open registrations:

¹ False positives can happen, server IPs are geolocated using free IP location databases.

Thanks for that tcit.

I had noticed the Swiss instance that you mention, but noticed also that it is a German language instance, which would make it much less useable for English speakers.

I have had only the most superficial look at, and can’t see an option there to change language from the German default.

Is there a way to change the language setting in Mobilizon, or will my search for an English language Swiss instance be fruitless, if this is my only option?