Left menu is missing

Maybe a stupid thing, the left menu in my instance is gone. I am not able to see what happened.
I keep getting this error

error[3/10/2024, 5:22:18 PM] Client log: Cannot import or register plugin featured-page

« tags »: [
« client »
« username »: « michael »,
« userAgent »: « Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:123.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/123.0 »,
« stackTrace »: « ne.register is not a function\n96146/loadPlugin/<@https://lightchannel.tv/client/en-US/main.6feb00aeda3fe6ea.js:3:586085\ninvoke@https://lightchannel.tv/client/en-US/polyfills.0532020c31aa9a62.js:1:35768\nonInvoke@https://lightchannel.tv/client/en-US/main.6feb00aeda3fe6ea.js:3:874243\ninvoke@https://lightchannel.tv/client/en-US/polyfills.0532020c31aa9a62.js:1:35707\nrun@https://lightchannel.tv/client/en-US/polyfills.0532020c31aa9a62.js:1:31056\n64924/</Zt/<@https://lightchannel.tv/client/en-US/polyfills.0532020c31aa9a62.js:1:46022\ninvokeTask@https://lightchannel.tv/client/en-US/polyfills.0532020c31aa9a62.js:1:36388\nonInvokeTask@https://lightchannel.tv/client/en-US/main.6feb00aeda3fe6ea.js:3:874059\ninvokeTask@https://lightchannel.tv/client/en-US/polyfills.0532020c31aa9a62.js:1:36309\nrunTask@https://lightchannel.tv/client/en-US/polyfills.0532020c31aa9a62.js:1:31696\nH@https://lightchannel.tv/client/en-US/polyfills.0532020c31aa9a62.js:1:38433\n »,
« url »: « Light Channel TV » }


Please disable your plugins that seem to break peertube

Thank you for taking time to answer.
This was the plugin that broke my instance


I think i hit same problem, at least menu is unusable.

I am looking for a console script to remove a plugin, do you now how to proceed ?
I am in docker.


But if it is only the left menu that is missing, you can go to https://example.com/admin/plugins/list-installed?pluginType=1 to disable the plugin.

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