Let's talk about Mobilizon!


Here, we talk about MobiliZon, both the managing communities and events network, and the free/libre software it’s based on.

To know more about MobiliZon, make sure you have checked :

Oh, and yes: here, we talk in English, as MobiliZon is a software used worldwide.

If you have trouble with english, please check out the french speaking Mobilizon category or try using an online translator (I don’t know of a Free-Libre data-friendly one, but that being said, DeepL is a very solid alternative to Google Translate :wink:)


i can’t wait to contribute to this project. It is so widely demanded across the people i know who want an ethical alternative to FB events and meetup.
On joinMobilizon there is a roadmap, lets talk about the next part of it:
how will the UX workshops will be managed ?