Let's talk about PeerTube!

Here, we talk about PeerTube, both the decentralized video hosting network, and the on free/libre software it’s based on.

To know more about PeerTube, make sure you have checked :

Oh, and yes: here, we talk in English, as PeerTube is a software used worldwide.

If you have trouble with english, please check out the french speaking PeerTube category or try using an online translator (I don’t know of a Free-Libre data-friendly one, but that being said, DeepL is a very solid alternative to Google Translate :wink:)

Can you guys please stop directly linking to the Animated Video when someone clicks the “getting started” button? Someone coming onto Peertube likely already gets that its a video streaming service like Youtube and Vimeo just by going to the website and seeing a million videos on screen. The video itself doesn’t actually cover anything about making an account on the site. Its not intuitive for new users.

The video itself doesn’t really convey any useful information about the site itself for new users either. The information provided is really only useful to Content creators publishing content on the site, not the audiences who will make up the majority of your user base.

If a person wants to use this website, they don’t need to know how everything about it works. They need to know how they can use the website to get what they want.

there are a lot of statements from you in your message about what visitors want, what they don’t want, and what we (“guys”) should do.

Unfortunately, we are not service providers, we are not a start-up. PeerTube is fortunate to be supported by a non-profit association that allows it to have an employee who can spend 3.5 days a week doing the bulk of the development of this software. But no one is paid to do the communication, or update the site, or create videos.

The philosophy of free software obviously allows criticism, but it also strongly encourages contribution. So, if you want a homepage that would include a video, please make this video and send it to us, if you plan to adapt the website, the sources are here: https://framagit.org/framasoft/peertube/joinpeertube Please make the changes you propose yourself, so that they can be discussed by the community.

Don’t see any intention of being rude to you, I’m just answering you in the same tone. PeerTube is a free project, there is no “you” that holds, only “we” that includes you too.

I flunked out of Computer Science in college. Coding just isn’t a language i can grasp effectively. Mostly because everything is so arbitrary. My time in the major did leave me with a functional understanding of good Web design and User-Psychology, but I would need to collaborate with someone else in order to actually get any real changes done.

Hi I am New here I am looking for documetation or videos to set up peertube in localhost dev environment to contribute

Take a look here: https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/blob/develop/.github/CONTRIBUTING.md