Libtorrent v2 and other improvements

Hi. I libtorrent has introduced v2.0 and you can read about it here


why i am interested in is two things.
i want to know, is there a way to have torrents of all hosted videos on own server so that we could employ seedboxes or residential connections as seeders to videos which would lessen the load on the server itself. This would be similar to the regular person seeding the current video because here we can have a bunch of 24x7 seedboxes. any way to automate the torrent list, maybe via rss?
second, mutable torrents is now a thing so the earlier issues with livestreaming and immutable torrents is old news? how has that changed now?

third, has anyone experimented with peertube in a school setting? i see this as a good enough software for schools who just want to put up a video of the live class they took today, like they do on youtube right now. mastodon has this thing called « circles ». this would be a good addition on peertube as well because in the schools case, we could have a « teacher » set up a circle for their specific class of students and only they could watch/comment on the video of a playlist or whatever


Instance redundancy adresses this:

We already are working on live streaming. See our roadmap for more information.
Regarding our player, we are progressively moving from webtorrent to a more flexible implementation (allowing us to do livestream):

sorry for responding late, i dont think the server redundancy answers my query. what this is mirroring storage of one server with another one. I am hoping for something else. if i can get an rss feed of all the videos aka torrent files, i can have 24x7 seedboxes which would take minimal efforts on that side and we would have multiple people ready to seed always. i want bandwidth distribution using seedboxes because that is what they are made to do and they can do that very nicely. i can use my personal pc and my friends pc as seedbox.

Instances have a public rss feed of all their public videos, local and non-local ones. It is documented in our REST documentation spec, where each torrent file is represented as a « PeerLink » in the RSS XML per MRSS 2.0.

PeerTube is not just functionning with torrents nowadays ; it also gives instance administrators the possibility to use HLS for more reliable playback and overall performance instead, in which case your seedbox relying on libtorrent (even v2) will not be able to help, since this is not WebTorrent anymore.