Limit users who can see videos?


Is there a way to limit the users who can see my videos?

There is privacy feature to control the videos availability for public, private, internal and unlisted. This works fine but I want to restrict it for certain users so that they won’t be able to see my video whether it is of any privacy.


No sorry it’s not possible.

@Chocobozzz can this be done in the near future?

I would also like the ability to limit the users who can see a specific video. It can open the door for some kind of monetization for the creators and the instance providers.

I guess the users will always be able to get the torrent file and watch it through 3-rd party website or download the video but it will be less convenient.

I think it will be great if you can limit the live videos as well. For example only the users that donated to the channel would be able to watch a live stream, the other users would have to watch the recorded version. Or we can even limit the max resolution. For example max 720p for not-paying users and no limit for the paying ones.

@Chocobozzz would it be possible to do it in the API in some way to allow the creation of plugins for different watch restrictions?

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