Links with demosphere?

Hi, How mobilizon will compare to demosphere ?

Do you think integration and automatic communication between them would be possible ?


it depends if demosphere plans to implement ActivityPub

I do not see the utility of this answer : Demosphere exists, and as much as I know just like Indymedia they are decentralized which allows them to better care for their community, Maybe some day they will implement AP maybe not but in all cases a demosphere are important activist event announce sites and we want to work along with them don’t we?

This is not only about technical features, but about community binding and creating space for dialogue.

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of course, it would be great to have a bridge since the two projects have a first target audience who seem to be simila to make a convergence of struggles and making it more efficient.
to answer the question “how do they compare?”, the first point i see is that mobilizon aims ALSO a wider audience than the militant circles.
but it is a little bit too soon to se fully how these tools do compare, since Mobilizon has not yet an alpha version out there.

but yes, communcation COULD be possible.

hum thats a very strange way of putting it,
in my point of view communication is essential because splitting the projects in terms of audiences brings to isolate what you call “the militant circles”, and make their position even more fragile.
It is crucial to support the people who have been doing the work for years and investing lots of energy and faith.
The risk of not being inclusive would be that a new tool with a larger audience, instead of supporting the existing would on the contrary augment their invisibility.
I think it is crucial that the communities working with free event announce tools be included from scratch in the conception of a new tool, it is the only way to make sure all voices are heard.

I find the current discourse of the Mobilizon team a bit superficial: on the one hand, the designers mention the goal to “free people from using Fakebooz Events”, on the other hand the site mentions supporting activists. In both cases, there’s no clear path from existing solutions (among them Demosphere) and a future where Mobilizon and other existing solutions co-exist.

It’s certainly not the same to serve people using Fakebooz now and moving on to Mobilizon, and to serve people who do not use Fakebooz but already have figured out working solutions.

Mobilizon should therefore communicate beforehand with other projects promoting working solutions. There are reasons why Dudle has been successful with activists so far: it’s simple and can be used anonymously (without an account), it complements other tools to organize and does not try to replace anything: instead it focuses on the task of finding the best common date for a meeting.

I hope Mobilizon will take a hint from Dudle and Demosphere, and not break one or the other, even as a side-effect of just being there – we already know Mobilizon will be sucessful. The existing tools are very important to a lot of people and groups, and should be enhanced by the existence of Mobilizon!

yup, interoperability is important and clearly stated on the Readme of Mobilizon.

Mobilizon is your federated organization and mobilization platform. Gather people with a convivial, ethical, and emancipating tool.

Usage without an account is also needed, managing separated identities of an account is also part of the specs of Mobilizon.

I refered to ActivityPub because it defines an official standard of communication between softwares, (it means you can use it in any programmation language) it is smartly made to avoid that any new sofware reinvents its own standard of communication.
Mastodon, Peertube, Pixelfed, Diaspora and Mobilizon (and many others) have implemented it to make their free software communicate.

We can make bridges to make bridges communicate, or contribute to different softwares at their core to make them directly communicating. For example, Diaspora wasnt using it a few months ago. So i believe it is not impossible to add it to Dudle and Demosphere.

I do not put in question the usage of activity pub, indeed this is clearly the way to go. What I am trying to say is that existing software should be integrated actively from the begginning in the definition of Mobilizon. Would it be in making sure the specs are useable for them or envisionning other forms of exchange maybe via a plugin.

Yes I think it is crucial to work toguether I cannot speak for the developers of demosphere but I imagine someone from Mobilizon is in contact with them, and has asked them their opinion about implementing AP or any other possibility.