Live stream lags on my dedicated server


i setup my peertube instance but when i stream via rtmp my stream lags every 10 seconds .its a dedicated server only running a test stream i dont think its server issue but maybe am not sure

someone who can help me resolve ill appreciate and contribute alot to this project

thank you

What kind of hardware and transcoding settings are you using? Have you tried disabling transcoding to check if the issue is one of hardware requirements?

yeah i tried disabling but same issue

What do you mean by « lags »? The video buffers, pauses, for the viewer?
What specs of hardware? What is the bitrate of the native stream you are pushing? What’s your internet package?

Have you checked the CPU usage during live?
On my server, I have lags on 1080p videos, because I haven’t enough CPU to transcode. It works great with a 720p stream.

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i am running a dedicated server with 64 gb ram , 1 tb ssd and its a core i9 server .

bitrate is about 2800 , normal hd stream i tried .

how do i check i tried running a stream DOESNT WORK AT ALL

I was having this exact problem with 1080p livestreaming, ~10 seconds it would pause with errors in the browser console. I used glances to monitor the server and saw the cpu load was above maxed. I unchecked transcoding for the lower resolutions.The load went down and the pauses went away.