Live video chat

Peertube doesn’t have a built-in chat, but there is a plugin that can be connected to an XMPP server.
I failed to configure the Prosody server- (But I successfully installed the Openfire server and activated an anonymous connection to the server. Programs (for example Jabber or Wime or Pidgin) connect to the server successfully! But the Peertube plugin [peertube-plugin-livechat] (https: / / "does not want to connect to the server.
Can someone have experience with customizing this plugin?

I also want to know if Peertube will have its own chat implementation that will work? If so, I would like to ask - when approximately?

This is already answered in Impossible to configure peertube-plugin-livechat plugin, but please open a ticket by the plugin repository.

We don’t know if or when that will happen. In the meantime, please follow


I don’t know openfire. Have you activated the BOSH service? (see )

If it does still not work, please open a ticket on , and paste your plugin settings, and your browser console content. To isolate the iframe logs, you can open the chat in a new window with the dedicated button.

For the record, i will write a simple tutorial to setup prosody on a peertube server this week.